Exam 2 Study Guide

What to bring
Bring a calculator and something to write with. A pen is fine but a pencil with eraser will be better. Notes are not allowed.

The exam will cover all lectures and readings since the first midterm, and Labs 5-8.


Class #TopicOutlineSlidesMath NotesGlossary
9Binomial Test pdfpptpdftxt
10Distribution of Sample Means pdfpptpdftxt
11One-sample t-test pdfpptpdftxt
12Hypothesis Testing pdfpptpdftxt
13Two-sample t-tests pdfpptpdftxt
14Effect Size pdfpptpdftxt
153 Views of Inferential Statistics pdfppt

Readings. Readings include all of Chapters 7-12 & 19.

Labs and Homework
WeekLab OutlineHomework Solutions
5pdf pdf
6pdf pdf
7pdf pdf
8pdf pdf

Quick-reference lists
Notation and formulas
R functions to know

Sample questions
Practice test
Last year's exam (solutions)
• The questions in the book at the end of each chapter also make for excellent practice (see syllabus for lists).